Sustainable Leiden – Jan 2017

A new year, new chances! The students of this year’s final course of the Minor Sustainable Development, provided by the Institute of Environmental Sciences (CML) at Leiden University, will again be working with the Leiden City Council to help them develop their Sustainability plans. This collaboration was started last year, and we look forward to building upon its success.

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Plastic bottles to create a vertical garden (pic credit: Maria Rose)

As part of this course, students will be investigating the opportunities for the city of Leiden with respect to energy generation, energy transition, circular economy and climate adaptation. In groups, they will address specific questions of the council regarding these topics, and present them at the end of January. In preparation for this exercise, the students will be writing posts to this blog detailing ideas and initiatives from elsewhere as inspiration for what may be done in Leiden.

We look forward to presenting some exciting ideas appear over the next few weeks!





2 thoughts on “Sustainable Leiden – Jan 2017”

  1. After leaving multiple comments on many different blogs I thought there was one more blog I wanted to comment on, namely this blog. At first I was quite sceptical about the aspects of writing a blog. It isn’t really an academical way to write and I thought we already written and read enough sustainable option during the minor.

    However after reading the blogs of my fellow students I think this is a great interactive way of sharing knowledge. It makes optimal use of the interdisciplinarity of our group. Everyone can use their own specific knowledge about their subjects to teach their fellow students. Also the reply function of the blogs is a great way to create a dialogue between the students and explain things even further.

    Maybe not all the educational should be as academical as they are supposed to be and now I think these blogs are a real addition to the minor programme.


  2. Hi Huub – thanks a lot for your comment. First, I’d like to share that I’m very impressed with the level of content and discussion that has been generated by the class. And, in response to your comment, I am very glad that (in the end) you found the blog assignment a useful way of expressing ideas, and getting more out of each others’ knowledge. That was exactly the intent of the exercise!


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