This year’s course may have finished – but the pathway to a sustainable Leiden 2030 has only just begun!

In January 2016, the 30 students from the course “Area study: Sustainable Leiden 2030?” contributed to this blog by writing about their observations and findings around six sustainability themes (biodiversity, climate adaptation, energy, mobility, sustainable business and waste). This course is part of the Minor Sustainable Development, provided by the Institute of Environmental Sciences (CML) at Leiden University.

The word cloud below provides an interesting summary of the blogs produced in this course. At the bottom of this post you can find a list of the blogs produced by the students.

This word cloud is composed of common words across all blogs, and the size of each word indicates its frequency of occurrence

During this course, the students also produced consultancy reports for the Leiden City Council, assessing their ‘hot of the press’ Duurzaamheidsagenda 2016-2020 – an ambitious document full of initiatives that will turn Leiden into a sustainable city by 2030. The course was a great success: for the students it was stimulating to work on real case studies and to provide the Leiden City Council with advice and innovative ideas around the proposed initiatives, while the City Council was very happy to receive feedback and further investigate the students’ suggestions and ‘out of the box’ ideas.

Thanks to the students, Gemeente Leiden and other experts that helped to turn it into such a positive experience!

While the course has now finished, the path to a sustainable Leiden / Netherlands / world – has only just begun! Let’s push the boundaries and help make it happen! We look forward to a continued collaboration with the Gemeente Leiden and its sustainability focus!

These are the posts of the January 2016 class ordered by their main theme (although several posts describe across-theme topics).


Climate adaptation


Sustainable Business

Sustainable Mobility



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  1. 🙂 It was a wonderful course, and I thank you so much for your enthusiasm, and inspiration! What a wonderful opportunity to be in discourse with a municipality!


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